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rain rain come again

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Jul. 18th, 2006 | 11:54 am
mood: giggly giggly
music: summer rain by U2

ITS FUCKING RAINING! HAHAHAHAHAHA.. awesome man, awesome, and not just a little rain.. ITS POURING! so right after this.. i'm gonna go outside and get wet.. then drive and i'm gonna find people who are walking and maybe i'll splash them! hahahahahahhaa.. yes! aaaaaaah.. i have to make sure thought that i dont wear white... or if i do... lol... never mind...

so today, chem was boooooooooooooooring... LET ME SAY IT AGIAN: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING..

why? i didnt get to blow up the school..tear...
oh well, maybe one day i'll get really wasted and lets see what happens...
lol, JUST KIDDING! i dont want the fbi looking at this then ten minutes later i'm being arrested...hahahahaha.. WHICH WOULD BE FUNNY! ahh.. i'll stop

OMG BIG THUNDER! maybe god fell.. heehee.. ah.. well i'll be right back.. and probably wet


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